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Staying Connected One Classmate at a Time

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Find your fellow graduates on THE LIST of Contacts in our G Suite Account. It is a secure view-only spreadsheet that’s growing all the time.  If you are on THE LIST, you have access.  If not, we invite you to Contact Us.



WHAT A BLAST! We had at our recent Multi-Class Reunion on March 7, 2020!  West Lake Country Club was rocking with over 300 graduates. Many, many thanks to all that helped make it happen. Let’s do it again sometime! 


Speaking of the 2020 Reunion, check out the wonderful photos our Reunion photographer took in Hank’s Gallery. Hank Wilson ’65, and his wife, Rebecca Farmer Wilson, ’69, donated hours to make these memories. Find even more pics by Cynthia Ballas Moorehead ’64, in Cynthia’s Gallery.


We are now using our ARC Multi-Year Reunion registration web site as a DATABASE for our graduates’ demographics.  We are also using it to verify which new email addresses we add to THE LIST.  If you have not had the opportunity to register on our “data” web site, please do.  Just use the link to the left.  In 2022, we will use it to sell tickets to the next Reunion. Thank you!!

Our ARC Alumni Team

Communications Director

For nearly two decades, Cynthia Ballas Moorehead, ’64, cynthia@arcalumni.org, carried the communication load for nearly 1,100 graduates. At the time, Cynthia used her private email account, realestatetiger@aol.com, and THE LIST was born.  Soon after, Billy Newman, ’65 joined forces, creating and maintaining the web site, www.arc60s.com. Now Cynthia has 1,300 graduates receiving notifications of ARC news, upcoming events and, sadly obituaries. Many, thanks for their long and loyal service.

IT Technical Advisor

During 2019, AOL changed their bulk email parameters, and Cynthia was stymied. Calls for help were heard, and enter Tison Smith King, ’67, owner/CEO of Data Master Computer Services in Augusta. Tison, single-handedly, saved THE LIST. She mitigated those email addresses to a new Google G-Suite business account which included increased security and versatility. Thanks to Tison, we were off and running after a short hiatus. Tison also built a newly revamped ARC Alumni News web site, https://news.arcalumni.org, which will continue to keep our senior alumni informed. Tison, we can’t thank you enough!!

2022 Reunion Coordinators
Sandra Smith Blanchard, ’64

Maxine Rigsby, ’69

Having been on the 2020 Reunion Committee, Sandra Smith Blanchard ’64 and Maxine Rigsby ’69 have stepped up to co-chair the 2022 event.  Bravo, ladies!!