ARC Multi-Class Alumni

All Graduates "Post 50th Reunion"

ARC ForeverProud!!

What a wide and varied company of graduates! Our outstanding Senior Alumni have had a range of experiences in life, including military, academia, industry, legal services, medicine, farming, social services, corporate management, trades, and many more. Many have raised families and formed the backbone of churches, civic organizations and charities. ARC gave them all the start they needed to succeed.  Oh, the tales they can tell when they get together!

A Solid Start!

The Academy of Richmond County has a proud history of training young men and women for service in the armed forces.

The Best Teachers!

The courses were tough and the teachers were tougher, but the results stand the test of time. Miss Naomi William was one of the best!

Friends for Life.

High school friends are the best.  Always there to cheer you up and keep you out of trouble, ha!  See them at the next Reunion!